Our Experience

The host position at Club Tengo Hambre is our most important one. The entire CTH experience—one that we’ve become known for far and wide—is in your hands. 

While the food we enjoy + places we visit on our outings is an important part of who we are, the social experience of our roving supper club is even more important.

A blogger once described Club Tengo Hambre outings this way: 'It felt like very cool friends were showing us around their town.' 

That's what CTH is all about. We are a roving supper club, not a food tour. You, the host, is the aforementioned cool friend. 

Our trips are small, intimate gatherings. Our aim is to celebrate both the social aspect of food in bringing people together and the vibrant street food scene that makes the cities we operate in among the best places in the world for food. 

We want our guests to bring their friends, make new ones, have a blast, then tell everyone about what an amazing experience CTH is.

Our Hosts

The CTH host position is part dinner party super host, part fearless leader, part Mexico food world insider, all rolled into one. In other words, think a hip Martha Stewart hosting a mobile dinner party in Mexico for the Instagram generation.

The CTH experience is in the small details. Go above and beyond for guests. Always. 

Have a ‘sense of urgency.’ While many say we have the ‘greatest’ job on earth, we need to stay alert and prioritize our guests' experience. Hosts need to anticipate + facilitate all guests needs.

Before the tour

We have switched over to Zozi, a robust booking system that allows us to really keep track of our guests + their needs. All hosts must have their handy app on their phone and know it inside and out. We will be assigning tours this way. Hosts will know how many are on the tour, as well as the names of everyone and their contact information. There will also be important information in the reservation notes about food allergies and special notes about birthdays, etc. You can download it here if you haven’t already. 


At the Beginning of a tour

  • Show up 15 minutes before guests. Punctuality is of the utmost importance to us. 
  • Your CTH tote bag is the only way guests can spot you at the meeting spot, make it visible at all times.
  • In Baja + LA, our hosts are in charge of verifying that transportation is confirmed directly with the company and that vendors know ahead of time that we are coming.
  • The CTH experience begins as soon as guests start arrive at the meeting stop. Start introducing people to each other to start conversations. Thank people for coming and ask where people are from.  
  • If it’s getting towards the meet up time and a few guests haven’t arrived yet, try and contact them. If they are going to be significantly late, and the rest of the group is ready, instruct them on how to meet us at the first stop. All their information is in the Zozi Advanced app. 

On the outings + at the stops

Hosts should also give guests a brief history + reasons we visit that particular place + why we enjoy a particular dish. Ex. ‘The best pastor in Mexico City’ or ‘Ensenada’s famed fish taco.’

Hosts should introduce the chefs + proprietors of the stands. Our connections and the friendships we’ve built over many years are important and the reason people choose our outings over other operators in the region. It’s also the reason we often get special treatment. Make guests feel special through our connections and one-of-a-kind access. Talk about special to CTH dishes, or say chef X will host us today.

Guests love getting photos w/ chefs and proprietors at our stands. Let’s facilitate that, within reason, if we can.

While we are more about fun than an anthropological exercise in food history in Mexico, we do expect reasonable knowledge to talk about the food we are eating and what’s happening in the food scenes in the respective places we work in, Baja California, Mexico City and Los Angeles. 

Our demographic tends to be people who are very connected in the food world, who have dined in the best restaurants in the world. CTH host should know a little about Mexico’s restaurants scene and know about Mexico’s top chefs, especially in the regions you host in. There won’t be a pop quiz, but we hope you enjoy your work enough to read up a little on Mexico’s exploding food scene, from the perspective of both the streets and its restaurants. We also want to talk up how Mexican chefs are making a name for themselves in the US, in places like LA, San Francisco, New York.

Because several different groups of friends can be on one tour, much like a good cocktail party host, it’s the CTH host’s duties to try and encourage + facilitate interactions among the different cliques on our outings. Everyone should be in the same area, or at the same table. Simply saying things like, ‘ok everyone, let’s all gather over here,’ can keep the group together and make for a more positive CTH outing. We don’t want people retreating to the small cliques that they know. Encouraging interaction is important.

And speaking of cocktail parties, cocktail party etiquette should be employed at all times, and conversation should be steered towards positivity, and clear of the danger areas of politics, religion, etc. 

While we may be hip to the ways of street food, many of our guests have never partaken in eating on the streets of Mexico. A simple primer of how it works can go a long way.

The host position during visits to our food stands is like working as a server at a restaurant. Hosts should help distribute food items from our vendors to guests. Street eating can be a messy affair, so hosts should distribute napkins to people while they are eating. Hosts should also clear dishes at stands when guests finish so they aren’t standing around wondering what to do with plate in their hands. We also want to help our stands by gathering up all the used plates and handing them to their staff, and trying to help them keep their stands tidy. We don’t want it to look like a tidal wave hit their places when we pack up and leave. 

Hosts are responsible for discreetly excusing themselves to pay the bill outside of the eyes of our guests. 

Hosts should subtly + politely keep to the time frame by letting guests know that ‘we will be wrapping up shortly’ so we aren’t late to our next stop. 

Smoking is not allowed at any time during the duration of our outings, even outside the eyes of our guests. No exceptions. 

Phone use is reserved for CTH related social media or coordinating with our vendors only. Excessive texting and Whatsapping on our outings takes away from the guest experience, which is our priority. No exceptions. Your personal life can wait. 

Stuff happens, especially in Mexico. We need to be able to adapt. We think you are a great ambassador to the region, we trust your taste + decision making. If a stand or place on the itinerary is closed, find an alternative, without the guests noticing any interruption in our service. Adapt to certain situations (traffic, late..), and make sure the guest has a seamless experience. 

Communicate politely with our food + drink vendors if they are behind in time or miss our orders + communicate with guests if a certain location takes longer. 

Any problem that may arise, apologize (even if it's not our fault or out of our hands, empathize) and direct them to us (hola@clubtengohambre.com)
While guests needs are the most important thing, CTH loves social media, so please take a few pics from the tours of the food and guests enjoying themselves so we can post it on our feeds later.

Instagram is the most important driver of business for CTH + hosts should encourage guests to tag CTH in their photos when they post. This is also a way to build the sense of community that lets people from the tours then add each other during or after the outing. We want people to make new friends, brag about their trips w/ CTH on social media, and come on our outings again. 

We also would love to know where our guests heard about us, so asking about that in informal conversations if very helpful. 

Guest will often ask about other recommendations during their trips. Once they are part of Team CTH, we go all out for them. Please offer up CTH-type bar + restaurant recommendations for them during their stay. Also facilitate making reservations at the places we recommend to them if need be. 

Hosts should be knowledgable about the history of how CTH started. However, CTH is as much about you as it is the cofounders, so we encourage you to talk about your personal histories in regards to food and where you are from with our guests. 

Hosts are responsible for the financial transaction of CTH outings.

They are also responsible for providing + filing CTH Trip Reports before the end of the day via the Expensify app. Please learn the ins and outs of this handy app. 

Other Responsibilities

  • We are small operations company, once you commit to an outing you need to be present and prepared.
  • Keep vendor, transportation, costs, and other information pertaining to CTH confidential (do not disclose to guests).
  • Keep Host compensation/salary confidential.
  • As soon as they are aware of availability blackout dates, please let us know immediately.
  • Use crosswalks, traffic lights, etc. (avoid putting our guests in danger).
  • Remove guests from uncomfortable situations that are out of our hands. Things like people asking for money from our guests, etc. 
  • Baja: Help inform guests before crossing into MX about the documents they need to show with customs agents.

CTH’s future

We’ve come along way in just a few years. And we want you to be a part of our future. We have some big things planned.

As CTH grows (and you help us grow), we want you to lead and take on further responsibilities. We hope to have more opportunities as we continue to expand. 

CTH hosts make big impressions. Often, guests on our public outings love their CTH experience so much, they book a private tour for their friends. If private booking is confirmed, and guests ask for you specifically to lead the day, we’d like to say thank you by providing you with a $$$ bonus.  

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