Club Tengo Hambre

All the Mezcal + Tacos

Friday, May 25 | 9:00 PM 


Join Club Tengo Hambre for a night of mezcal + street food.

There’s nothing in the world we love more than mezcal. Yet, even though we are in the midst of a ‘mezcal boom,’ exemplary agave distillates—or 'aguardiente de agave’ as they are known in Mexico—are still difficult to get your hands on. 

Even in Mexico City, save for one place, the kind of small production runs that come straight from the distillers that truly capture expressions of agave diversity, are nearly impossible to find. 

That is, unless you have contacts with distillers, or a close friend that obsessively collects batches of mezcal. At Club Tengo Hambre, we're blessed to have both. 

We’re thrilled to say that the latter, our mezcal curating friend Andrea of La Fiera mezcal, will be treating CTH to a special closed door tasting at one of the most iconic buildings in Mexico City’s Centro neighborhood, the Porfirio Díaz-era architectural masterpiece, Edificio Vizcaya. 

There, through a back entrance, we’ll meet in a private room with Andrea, who sources her agave distillates directly from producers in Guerrero, Mexico, where her family is from. She’ll will talk to us about agave diversity in Mexico and the distillation and fermentation styles in the state of Guerrero, while we taste six of her favorite mezcals.  

After the tasting, we’ll hit the streets of Mexico City for the best of its nighttime fare, visiting two of our favorite after dark only street taquerias. 

We’ll end the night on a sweet note, with a stuffed churro from a corner stand.  




Starts at 9:00 PM
$150 dlls p/person • Includes:

3 street food stops (a dish at each spot)

Special-to-CTH La Fiera mezcal tasting

CTH Host

Meeting details will be sent via email after confirmed reservation.