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Join Club Tengo Hambre for a night of rare mezcal.

Roma Neighborhood » Saturday, August 31 » 7:00 PM » 2 HOURS

There’s nothing in the world we love more than mezcal. Yet, even though we are in the midst of a ‘mezcal boom,’ exemplary agave distillates—or 'aguardientes de agave’ as they are known in Mexico—are still difficult to get your hands on.

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$75 US dlls p/person • Includes:

  • Special-to-CTH tasting of 6 mezcals

  • Small plates + snacks

  • CTH + Ahuehuete Hosts

Prepaid reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Must be 18+ or older to participate


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Even in Mexico City, the kind of small production runs that come straight from the distillers that truly capture expressions of agave diversity, are nearly impossible to find.

That is, unless you have distiller contacts or close friends that obsessively collect batches of rare mezcal. At Club Tengo Hambre, we're blessed to have both.

We’re thrilled to say that the latter, our mezcal curating friends at Ahuehuete, will be treating CTH to a special tasting in an impeccably designed private salon in Porfirio Díaz-era mansion in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood.

There, we’ll meet with the ‘coleccionistas’ of Ahuehuete, who source their agave distillates collection directly from the producers they meet during their travels around Mexico.

Ahuehuete will bring mezcals from four distinct regions—the states of Michoacán, Jalisco, San Luis Potosi + Durango. We’ll talk about agave diversity in Mexico and the distillation and fermentation styles found in these states, while tasting six of their favorite mezcals.




The tasting is an overview of four of Mexico’s mezcal-making regions. We will have water to enjoy during the tasting + small plates + snacks after. The event will last about 2 hours.

Ahuehuete will also have mezcal for sale if you’d like to take home a bottle, so feel free to bring cash in the form of pesos. They can also accept Venmo transfers.

Mexico City’s traffic can be a nightmare of the best of days. The streets around central part of the city are regularly closed for events + demonstrations, which can snarl traffic for the entire city. Please make sure to be on time. 


The tasting is a small, intimate event that we cap at 10 guests. We’ll taste rare mezcals sourced by Ahuehuete during their travels around Mexico. They’ll be bringing some of their favorite producers and agave expressions from their extensive collection of Mexican distillates.

The tasting will take place in the beautifully designed ‘blue room,’ a private salon in a turn-of-the century mansion in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood.



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