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Mexico’s northwestern-most city is having a moment. With a cadre of chefs redefining ‘Modern Mexican’ cuisine and the city’s place at the vanguard of the Mexico’s craft beer scene, Tijuana has emerged as one of Mexico’s ‘it’ cities. When the New York Times listed Tijuana as its number 8 spot on the list of places to visit in 2017, it confirmed what we’ve known for a long time—Tijuana is one of the West Coast’s gems.


Tijuana the CTH way

A blogger once described Club Tengo Hambre outings this way: 'It felt like very cool friends were showing us around their town.' That's what CTH is all about. We are a roving supper club, not a food tour. Our trips are small, intimate gatherings. Our aim is to celebrate both the social aspect of food in bringing people together and the vibrant scene that makes Mexico the best place in the world for street food, craft beer and wine. We want you to bring your friends + make new ones.


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Club Tengo Hambre offers the best Tijuana food and beer combo
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