People who enter Mexico by land, for leisure visits lasting 7 days or less are required to fill out the 'Forma Migratoria Múltiple' (FMM entry form).

We can expedite the entry if everyone has their 'FMM’ form filled out. This means we will get to our food + drinks faster! Take a look below for tips + instructions.


Step 2

Fill out the Form

Click 'By Land' and accept the Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: In Mexico, the DD/MM/YY date format is used

Entry Information

  • Means of entry select: 'By land'

  • Point of Entry select: 'El Chaparral'

Personal Information

  • Fill accordingly

Identification Document

  • Fill accordingly

Place of Residency

  • Fill accordingly

Trip Information

  • Reason of Trip select: 'Tourism'

  • Specify select: 'Recreational Activities'

  • State select: 'Baja California'

  • Address in Mexico
    For Tijuana type 'Plaza Fiesta'
    For Ensenada type 'La Guerrerense’
    For Valle de Guadalupe type: ‘Las Nubes’
    For Popotla type: Popotla, Rosarito, MX
    Some physical locations we may visit in the city

Step 3

Save and Print

Click SAVE, confirm that the provided information is correct and click YES.

After successfully completing the form, click DOWNLOAD and PRINT the form. Bring the form with you on the day of the outing, along with your Passport or Passport card.