How do I join Club Tengo Hambre?

Come one, come all. Club Tengo Hambre is a ‘club’ in name only. No secret handshakes or initiations required. Anyone can join our outings. Just sign up!

What is the Refund Policy?

Because of the small size of our outings, we can not offer refunds for those who purchase passes but are unable to attend. If we are notified in advance, passes for our outings can always be gifted or forwarded to friends.

Do we allow children?

No. 18+ please.

Is CTH Available for Private Individual/Small Outings?

Club Tengo Hambre provides curated private outings personalized to your very own culinary interests. From private chef dinners and street food outings, to wine-fueled Valle de Guadalupe road trips and food-focused weekend getaways in Baja California and Mexico City, our unique relationships with the cutting edge of Mexico’s culinary scene allow us to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your friends. Contact us here


Where is the meet up spot for Baja outings?

The CTH rendezvous point is in front of the McDonald’s at the San Ysidro Trolley Station, right in front of the lamppost with the San Ysidro station sign. 727 E. San Ysidro Blvd., San Ysidro, CA 92173

What to wear? What's the vibe + size of the groups?

Our roving supper club is a casual, small group setting. Casual attire is fine for most outings. Comfy shoes are suggested, as there will be some walking involved.

Our Valle de Guadalupe outings are casual as well, but one might feel a tad underdressed going with informal attire in Mexico’s wine country, as Mexicans dress to the nines while visiting Baja California wineries. Step up your sartorial game to ‘Valle chic’ if you want to blend in. Men wear button up shirts and woman rock blouses or dresses. While the Valle is rustic, with uneven dirt paths at many of the wineries, many Mexicans choose fashion over function, and dress shoes, heels and wedges are more common than not in El Valle.


How long are the border waits?

The US-Mexico border can experience lengthy lines to enter from the Mexican side back into the United States, especially on the weekends. There is little logic to the border and no way to predict how long the line will be. Expect anywhere from 30 minutes to as long as two hours crossing back in to the United States.


Are there ways to avoid the border line?

Recent reconfiguration of the pedestrian crossing at San Ysidro gives priority to holders of the US passport card, which unlike the regular passport booklets, contains a vicinity-read radio frequency identification [RFID] chip. US passport card holders Have a dedicated line that is always shorter than the regular pedestrian line.

If you have a regular passport booklet, it costs just $30 to receive the US passport card, and can be obtained within a few weeks if the expedited process is selected. Club Tengo Hambre strongly suggests getting a US passport card, as it will make the border crossing experience more pleasant and efficient. We also believe that once you have it, you’ll venture down to Baja California again.
If you plan on crossing the border more than a few times a year, SENTRI is a wonderful option. It allows you to skip the border line!


Do I need a passport?

Yes. All guests must have valid passports to both enter Mexico + return to the United States.


Transportation to the border?

The Blue Line of the San Diego Trolley—or the red stretch limo as we here at Club Tengo Hambre like to call it—gets you within a few feet of the US-Mexico border, and directly to our rendezvous point, the trolley station, beneath the ‘San Ysidro’ sign, in front of the McDonalds.


Where do I park?

Secure paid parking can be found on the USA side on both the east and west sides of the 5 freeway. Take the ‘last USA exit,’ Camino de la Plaza. We recommend parking behind the Jack ‘n the Box, as it is the closest option to our meeting spot.


Where is the meet up spot Mexico City and how do I get there?

Our meeting spot is on the steps in front of Bellas Artes. Bellas Artes—next to La Alameda park in Mexico City’s Centro neighborhood—is easily accessible by the DF’s metro Lines 2/Blue + Line 8/green. 

The Bellas Artes Station is just north of Bellas Artes Palace. Every cab driver in Mexico City will know where it is. Mexico City has Uber too.


What to wear? What's the vibe + size of the groups?

Our roving supper club is a casual, small group setting. Casual attire is fine for most outings. Comfy shoes are suggested, as we’ll do a lot of walking.


How long are CTH's Mexico City outings?

Our Mexico City outings last about 3.5 hours.