About the position

The host position at Club Tengo Hambre is our most important one. The entire CTH experience—one that we’ve become known for far and wide—is in your hands. 

While the food we enjoy + places we visit on our outings is an important part of who we are, the social experience of our roving supper club is even more important.

A blogger once described Club Tengo Hambre outings this way: 'It felt like very cool friends were showing us around their town.' 

That's what CTH is all about. We are a roving supper club, not a food tour.

The CTH host position is part dinner party super host, part fearless leader, part Mexico food world insider, all rolled into one. In other words, think a hip Martha Stewart hosting a mobile dinner party in Mexico for the Instagram generation.


What we are looking for

  • Strong communication skills

  • Improvisational skills: ability to change things up on the fly and play off the energy of the group is important
  • The knowledge of a local
  • Personable & outgoing personality
  • Be able to handle small to large groups
  • Manage and fill out financial reports after each outing
  • Photo submissions for use of our Social Media/have great eye
  • Advanced knowledge of mexican food culture
  • Punctuality
  • English/Spanish proficiency is a MUST

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