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As one of the largest cities in the world, with nearly seven centuries of traditions colliding daily in this cosmopolitan metropolis that twenty-something million people call home, it’s little wonder why Mexico City has become know as ‘one of the world’s most exciting food cities.’

From its street side food vendors serving pre-hispanic fare to the city’s restaurants ranked among the world’s best, Mexico City—or CDMX as its known in hashtaggable shorthand by locals—is a destination unlike any other city in the world.

Club Tengo Hambre’s Mexico City outings are designed to explore the defining contrasts that makes Mexico City among the greatest cities in the world to eat in.


Mexico City Street Food Essentials

For people who love to eat and want to explore the diversity of Mexico City’s street cuisine.

Walking tour » 6 stops » 3.5 hours

The definitive Mexico City street food tour that focuses on the regional specialties with a menu of dishes that you can’t find outside of the city, let alone in other parts of Mexico or beyond.


Insider’s Guide to Mexico City’s Street Food + Markets + Sweets + Pulque

For street food lovers + market geeks + sweet tooths who want to explore the best of Mexico City

Walking tour » 6 stops » 3.5 hours

We’ll eat our way through downtown Mexico City’s best street food stands + markets + panderías + confectioneries, washing it all down with pulque.


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Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette/bachelor, a wedding weekend, or just an excuse to get away and explore Mexico with friends, Club Tengo Hambre’s food, wine, craft beer and spirit-centric outings are unforgettable.