Club Tengo Hambre

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Easy to get Reservations

  • Fonda Fina | Chef Juan Cabrera’s modern version of traditional Mexican fonda food 
  • Pasillo de Humo | Chef Alam Mendez tasty take on Oaxaca classics
  • Café NIN | Elena Reygadas’ charming new spot in Juárez
  • Lalo | Chef Eduardo Garcia’s casual no-reservations casual breakfast + lunch spot
  • Comedor Jacinta |  Chef Edgar Nuñez’s delicious take on Mexican comfort food
  • Nico’s | A classic Mexico City restaurant that’s out-of-the-way but worth the UBER ride
  • El Cardenal | Some of the best classic Mexican dishes in the city 
  • Molino El Pujo | Enrique Olvera’s tortillería + neighborhood walk-in spot w/ a tiny-but-tasty menu


Hard to Get Reservations

  • Pujol | Chef Enrique Olvera famed restaurant that’s considered one of the best in the world
  • Maximo Bistro | Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Roma restaurant that’s one of Mexico’s best
  • Sud 777 | Chef Edgar Nuñez’s restaurant that’s #11 on the 50 Best Restaurants Latin America


More Eating 

  • Churrería El Moro | Best churros in Mexico City 
  • Panadería Rosetta | One of the best bakeries in North America
  • Barbacoa Tres Reyes | Weekend barbacoa spot that’s more of a party than a restaurant
  • Dulcería de Celaya | Sugar fix time warp into this picturesque 19th century downtown candy shop 



  • Bósforo | The best mezcal bar in Mexico
  • Maison Artemesia + Felina + Bar Baltra | The three best cocktail spots in the city
  • Loup Bar | Not-to-be-missed natural wine bar w/ great small plates
  • Tío Pepe | Classic cantina dating back to the 1880s
  • La Opera | A beautiful cantina whose ceiling is still scarred by Pancho Villa’s bullets
  • Le Tachinomi Desu | Reservation-only drinking room w/ natural wines + Japanese whiskeys
  • El Depósito | The CDMX spot w/ the best selection of Mexican craft beer
  • Barba Azul | Old school, heavy-on-the-kitsch dancehall that plays salsa + tropical music
  • Cicatriz Café | They city’s latest hotspot for natural wines, cocktails + coffee



  • Quentin | Best pour over in the city
  • Chiquitito | Some of the city’s best espresso drinks
  • Buna | Standing room only cafe great for a to go cup
  • Farmacia Internacional | Adorable little cafe in the up-and-coming Juárez neighborhood


Places to Stay

  • Chaya | Charming, funky oasis in the heart of Mexico City’s Centro Neighborhood
  • Ignacia Guest House | Hip guest house in the heart of Roma
  • The Red Tree House | A Condesa’s classic w/ unrivaled hospitality 
  • Chaya | Charming, funky oasis in the heart of Mexico City’s Centro Neighborhood 
  • La Valise Hotel | A tiny, design-heavy hotel in Roma