Because of the small size of Club Tengo Hambre outings, we can not offer refunds for those who purchase passes but are unable to attend. If we are notified in advance, passes for our outings can always be gifted or forwarded to friends.

Understand that punctuality is important. We can’t wait because you are running late + stuck in traffic. The posted meeting + departure times are observed to the minute. 

The freeways around Southern California are jammed all the time. Plan for this! There is always traffic around the border area too. Leave plenty to time to arrive at the border, park + get to the meeting spot. No refunds will be given because of traffic problems + passes can not be used towards future outings because of poor planning and the inability to arrive on time. 

CTH loves social media. We love sharing our experiences on the internet and we encourage our guests to do the same [tagging us, of course!] If you are uncomfortable being photographed for any reason, our public outings might not be the right fit for you, as guests + CTH will definitely be uploading our adventures.

The nature of small businesses in Mexico means many places operate w/ non-regular hours, so CTH itineraries can sometimes change at the last minute, without notice. Our posted menu items are subject to ingredient availability. However, in the off event a place is closed or runs out of an item, we’ll always have a delicious option ready.