Our meeting spot is on the steps in front of Bellas Artes. Bellas Artes—next to La Alameda park in Mexico City’s Centro neighborhood—is easily accessible by the metro Lines 2/Blue + Line 8/green. 

The Bellas Artes Station is just north of Bellas Artes Palace. Every cab driver in Mexico City will know where it is. Mexico City has Uber too.



Over the course of the day our roving supper club will visit our favorite spots in Mexico City’s unrivaled curbside culinary scene, eating our way through the best of the city’s famed street food. We’ll also visit two of the city’s vibrant mercados. 



With full bellies we’ll head back to the Bellas Artes, right where we started. There, you can grab an UBER, hop on the metro, or spent the rest of your afternoon at Bellas Artes, where murals by Mexico’s master painters Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco + Rufino Tamayo are housed.



We meet at 11:00 AM, on the steps of Bellas Artes. The outings last 3.5 hours. It's 6-stop walking outing around Mexico City’s Centro neighborhood, so bring comfortable shoes, as there's a lot of walking involved. There's also a ton of food, so it's a good idea to skip breakfast! 

Mexico City’s traffic can be a nightmare of the best of days. We strongly encourage people to use public transportation to arrive at the meeting spot on time. The streets around Bellas Artes are regularly closed for events + demonstrations, which can snarl traffic for the entire city. 

The summer months are Mexico City’s rainy season. While the rain normally starts in the late afternoon, well after our outings are through, CTH’s ‘Mexico City Street Food Essentials’ is rain or shine, so be prepared. 


A blogger once described Club Tengo Hambre outings this way: 'It felt like very cool friends were showing us around their town.' That's what CTH is all about. We are a roving supper club, not a food tour. Our trips are small, intimate gatherings. Our aim is to celebrate both the social aspect of food in bringing people together and the vibrant street food scene that makes Mexico’s capital city the best place in the world for street food. We want you to bring your friends + make new ones. 

Club Tengo Hambre’s ‘Mexico City Street Food Essentials’ outing was, quite literally, decades in the making. Years of food intel went into its curation. Our menu focuses solely on the best of Mexico City’s regional street cuisine.

Allow us to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your friends for any occasion in Mexico City

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