Mexico City, or DF—as nearly everyone in Mexico calls it—is a sprawling capital city of 20 million with an infinite amount of points on its rustic to refined culinary continuum.

From its street side food vendors serving pre-hispanic fare to its hipster haunt mezcal bars, Mexico City is a destination like no other city in the world, where traditions—along with thoroughly new riffs on them—collide with a cosmopolitan metropolis. Club Tengo Hambre’s Mexico City outings are designed to highlight DF's defining contrasts.


DF Street Food Essentials

Walking tour » 6 stops » 4 hours

From its street side stands to the cramped stalls of its renowned public markets, join our roving supper club on a whirlwind, food-filled adventure on the streets of Mexico City to devour this street food capital’s quintessential fare. 

Club Tengo Hambre’s ‘DF Street Food Essentials’ outing is the definitive Mexico City street food tour that focuses on regional specialties with a curated menu of dishes that you can’t find outside of DF, let alone in other parts of Mexico or beyond.

Allow us to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your friends for any occasion in Mexico City